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Souvenir magnets - a beautiful and inexpensive souvenir. We make flat rectangular and round souvenir magnets with a townscape of Almaty and its vicinities, and also with architectural and natural sights of Republic Kazakhstan.
In manufacture of magnets author's photos are used only.

The sizes and the price:
Rectangular flat - 8858 mm. The price of one magnet - 200 tenge.
Rectangular flat - 8654 mm. The price of one magnet - 100 tenge.
Round - diameter of 58 mm. The price of one magnet - 200 tenge.
For the order inform serial number of a magnet and necessary quantity of copies.


1.  Airport. Day 2.  Airport. Night 3.  Panorama from
Burundayskaya Hills
4.  Opera and Ballet
Theatre after Abai
5.  Monument of Independence 6.  The main cathedral mosque
7.  The main cathedral mosque 8.  Fountains on the
Republic Square. Night
9.  Saint Ascension Cathedral
10.  Saint Ascension Cathedral 11.  Saint Ascension Cathedral 12.  Circus of Almaty
13.  Railroad station Almaty-2 14.  "Fantasy World" park 15.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Night
16.  Kok Tyube Mountain View. Day 17.  Kok Tyube Mountain View. Night 18.  Kok Tyube. Day
19.  Kok Tyube. Night 20.  Television tower.
Kok Tyube mountain
21.  Fountains near
the Palace of the Republic
22.  Festive salute 23.  Palace of the Republic 24.  Crossroads of Dostyk avenue
and Abai avenue
25.  "lmaty" hotel.
"Stolichnyi Center" house complex
26.  The building of the former
House of Government
27.  Internationally known
Medeu Skating Rink
28.  Chimbulak. Talgarskiy pass 29.  "Golden Man" 30.  Turgenskoye gorge.
"Golden Man"
31.  Poppies 32.  Big Almaty Lake 33.  Desert Aktau Mountains
34.  Desert Aktau Mountains 35.  Singing barchan 36.  Besshatyr menhirs
37.  Issyk. Saki's kurgans 38.  Mountain Issyk lake 39.  Tamgaly Petrogliphs
40.  Ili river. Tamgaly-Tas tract 41.  Kapchagai reservoir storage 42.  Charyn canyon
43.  Kolsay Lake 44.  Kaindy Lake 45.  Zailijsky Alatau
46.  Zailijsky Alatau 47.  Zailijsky Alatau 48.  Eagle
49.  Sarydzhassky ridge 50.  Tengri Khan peak 51.  Tengri Khan peak
52.  Victory peak 53.  Astana. River Esil quay 54.  Astana. Bayterek. Night
55.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Day
56.  Park of the First President
of Republic of Kazakhstan
57.  Park of the First President
of Republic of Kazakhstan
58.  Park of the First President
of Republic of Kazakhstan
59.  The Republic square 60.  Sport palace
named after B.Sholak
61.  Wedding Palace


1.  Building of the Almaty
City Administration
2.  Monument of Independence 3.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Day
4.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Night
5.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Day
6.  High-rise
"Kazakhstan" Hotel. Night
7.  Opera and Ballet
Theatre after Abai
8.  Television tower.
Kok Tyube mountain
9.  Kok Tyube
10.  Saint Ascension Cathedral 11.  The main cathedral mosque 12.  The main cathedral mosque
13.  Circus of Almaty 14.  Nurly Tau Complex 15.  Republican palace
of the schoolboys
16.  Crossroad of Al Farabi avenue
and Furmanov street
17.  "Rakhat Towers" Complex.
18.  "Rakhat Towers" Complex.
19.  Internationally known
Medeu Skating Rink
20.  Big Almaty Lake 21.  Turgenskoye gorge.
"Golden Man"
22.  Charyn canyon 23.  Kaindy Lake 24.  Tengri Khan peak

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