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  Medeu, Chimbulak
  Northern Tyan-Shan
  Charyn, Tengri Khan
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Almaty airport.
Air gate of the city
The building of the
railroad station Almaty-1
"Kazakhstan" Hotel
Al Farabi avenue

A houses on the
Mukanov street
The building
of the air-station
"Stolichnyi Center"
house complex
Justice Sguare

Republican palace
of the pupils
"Atakent" business
cooperation centre
Building of Almaly
City Administration
"Fantasy" Store

"Samal" microdistrict The building
of the former city college
shopping centre
"Rahat palace" hotel

"Russia" supermarket Crossroads
of Seyfullin avenue
and Ryskulov avenue
Saint Ascension Cathedral "Gramophone" Store

"Gauhartas" house complex Institute of mountain
business after D.A.Kunaev
"Wigwam" Store Crossroads of Al Farabi
avenue and Navoi street

Small Almaty river Kazakh National Technical
University after Satpaev
"Yubileiny" Store Panel

"Nurly Tau" complex Raiymbek avenue Book center
healthimprovement complex

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